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Caesar Salad with Quail Eggs Recipe
Caesar Salad with Quail Eggs Recipe

1.    Mix Dijon mustard and 5 cloves of ground garlic.
2.    Mix lemon juice, Dijon mustard and raw quail egg yolks with garlic mixture.
3.     Gradually pour 200 ml of extra virgin olive oil into the mixture and stir it until it becomes smooth; add some black pepper and salt.
4.     Cut 3 cloves of garlic into slices and fry in a heated pan with olive oil.
5.    As soon as the garlic slices become golden, remove them from the pan and add the cubes of baguette with herbs to your taste.
6.    Stir the cubes of baguette from time to time, fry them until they make golden croutons.
7.    Tear the leaves of romaine lettuce into pieces; toss them with the dressing until they are coated.
8.    Put the leaves with dressing on a plate; add some croutons and Parmesan cheese over them.