Caesar salad recipes overview

Caesar salad recipes overview

For this recipe you will need:
romaine lettuce
grated Parmesan
special dressing

Caesar salad is probably the most famous salad in North America.

In the classic version, a Caesar salad consists of a simple set of products (romaine lettuce, croutons and grated Parmesan cheese), seasoned with a special dressing.

Caesar salad dressing also has the classic version, as well as many modern versions.

In the classic version, coddled eggs are whipped with olive oil and then seasoned with crushed garlic, lemon juice, ground black pepper and Worcestershire sauce. 

There are many ready-made bottled Caesar dressings of various trademarks and formulations in our time.

Ease of salad composition provokes cooks to make various additives which are often high in calories. Therefore, there are many recipes for Caesar salad, the names of which reflect the differences between the new versions and the classic one.

By the way, the simplest way to make coddled egg is to pour boiling water over the egg and let it stand for 8-10 minutes.

There are some ideas for different Caesar salad recipes in the pictures below.

Caesar salad with smoked salmonCaesar salad with bacon and grilled chicken

Caesar salad with smoked salmon

Caesar salad with bacon and 
grilled chicken

Caesar salad with grilled prawnsCaesar salad with grilled prawns
Caesar salad with grilled prawnsCaesar salad with grilled prawns

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