Fresh Strawberry Soufflé Recipe

Fresh Strawberry Soufflé Recipe

For this recipe you will need:
200 g (1 cup) fresh strawberries
1 tea spoon gelatin
1/2 lemon
150 g (¾ cup) powdered sugar

The author of the recipe version is Lady Bee 


1. Blend strawberries in a blender.

2. Add gelatin, mix, and leave for 15 minutes.

3. Squeeze the juice out of half a lemon.

4. Add the lemon juice and powdered sugar to the strawberry puree and mix.

5. Pour the mixture to the pan.

Stirring constantly, heat the mixture, without bringing it to boil, until gelatin is dissolved.

6. Cool the mixture to room temperature and whip it with a mixer at a high speed for 10 minutes.

The mixture should thicken, brighten, and expand while mixing.

7. Line the soufflé mould with a food wrap.

Pour the soufflé into the mould and leave in refrigerator overnight. 

Strawberry soufflé with cherry filling
Strawberry soufflé with cherry filling

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