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Hot Smoked Herring Salad Recipe
Hot Smoked Herring Salad Recipe

1. Chop the herring fillets.
Add the sausage, potato, eggs, cheese, carrot, and mayonnaise.
Mix these ingredients thoroughly .
2. Form the salad into any figure of your choice; decorate with greens.

Rolled Mackerel Salad Recipe

Watermelon-shaped Salad Recipe
Watermelon-shaped Salad Recipe

Layer salad ingredients in the following order, coating each layer with mayonnaise:
1st layer: finely cut trout.
2nd layer: grated yolks.
3rd layer: grated cheese.
4th layer: grated egg whites.
Top with finely diced tomatoes and form the salad into the shape of a watermelon slice.
Place sliced olives over the tomatoes to imitate watermelon seeds.
Place chopped dill and parsley along the edge of the salad to imitate watermelon rind.

Italian Fusilli Pasta Salad Recipe
Italian Fusilli Pasta Salad Recipe

1. Put the pasta in lightly salted boiling water, and cook it until al dente. 2. Drain and rinse the cooked pasta, then drain it again and leave it to cool. 3. Drain the fillet anchovies, halve the tomatoes, cut the bell peppers into strips, mince basil and green onion. 4. Combine pasta with anchovies, tomatoes, bell pepper, herbs, capers, olives and parmesan cheese, add some salt and pepper, pour in the olive oil and toss the ingredients gently. 5. Serve in portions on pillows of torn lettuces.

Tuna Nicoise Salad Recipe
Tuna Nicoise Salad Recipe

1.    Cook the potatoes in skins, peel and dice them.
2.    Steam the beans (about 5 to 10 minutes) until they are cooked .
3.    Hard boil the eggs, shell them.
4.    Cut the cherry tomatoes and eggs into quarters.
5.    Drain the tuna, break into small pieces.
6.    Put olive oil, Dijon mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper into food processor and mix them thoroughly to make the dressing.
7.    Combine green beans, tuna, tomatoes, potatoes and black olives with the dressing and toss.
8.    Serve in portions on pillows of torn lettuce and add the egg quarters.

Tuna Salad in Avocado Recipe
Tuna Salad in Avocado Recipe

1.    Grate some zest and squeeze juice from the lemons.
2.    Cut the avocados into halves, remove the stones and scoop out most of its flesh.
3.    Mash the avocado flesh with olive oil and lemon juice.
4.    Mince some parsley, dice the onion.
5.    Break tuna into small pieces; add avocado flesh, onion, salt, black pepper and parsley to the tuna and stir.
6.    Fill the empty avocado halves with the salad.

Bean and Tuna Salad Recipe
Bean and Tuna Salad Recipe

1.    Drain tuna and beans.
2.    Break the tuna into small pieces; slice the onion.
3.    Combine balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper to make the dressing.
4.    Combine tuna, beans and onion in a large bowl, pour the dressing into them and toss.
5.    Before serving the salad sprinkle it with chopped parsley.