Smoked sprats layered salad

Smoked sprats layered salad

For this recipe you will need:
160 g canned smoked sprats
100 g processed cheese (chill before grating)
2 eggs, hard boiled
2-3 potatoes
1-2 carrots, boiled and grated
1 onion, finely chopped
½ cup mayonnaise
greens, chopped

The author of the recipe version is Miss Oksie


1. Drain smoked sprats and mash them with a fork.

2. Boil potatoes in their skins, cool, peel and grate.

3. Assemble salad by layers spreading each layer with mayonnaise:

grated potatoes - finely chopped onion – grated eggs – carrots – grated processed cheese.

Spread mayonnaise atop and sprinkle with chopped greens.

Leave smoked sprats layered salad in refrigerator for 1 hour before serving.

The bowl of smoked sprats layered salad
The bowl of smoked sprats layered salad

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