Octopus garnished with Rizotto Nero and pesto sauce

Octopus Balls Recipe
Octopus Balls Recipe

1.    Chop the octopus into bite size pieces; chop green onions and red ginger.
2.    Combine flour, dashi soup and eggs to make batter.
3.    Preheat the takoyaki grill pan and grease it.
4.    Pour the batter into the sections of the pan; put octopus pieces, red shrimp, majority of ginger and onion into the batter; brown the balls.
5.    Put the balls on a plate, drizzle them with the remaining onion and ginger.

Grilled Octopus Recipe
Grilled Octopus Recipe

1.    Add some salt to simmering water; briefly dip the octopus into it three times to prevent the octopus from becoming rubbery.
2.     Simmer the octopus until it tenders (generally about 50 min.).
3.    When the octopus becomes tender, remove it from the heat, garnish water with wine, part of balsamic vinegar and oregano; leave it to soak until the water cools.
4.    Remove the cooked octopus from the cool water and put it into a bowl.
5.    Add olive oil, a bit of balsamic vinegar and ground pepper to the bowl with octopus; toss the octopus to coat it in the garnish.
6.    Put the octopus on a grill preheated at high temperature (180°C or 350°F); sear it for  several minutes until it browns.
7.    Remove the octopus from the grill and cut it into pieces when it cools down a little bit.
8.    Serve with parsley and lemon slices.

Boiled Octopus Recipe
Boiled Octopus Recipe

1.    Beat the tentacles with a mallet gently to make them more tender.
2.    Peel the skin of the octopus with your fingers.
3.    Under a stream of water, cut out ink sac, bowels and eyes of the octopus; cut out the beak.
4.    Add the bay leaves and salt to simmering water, and then briefly plunge the octopus into it three times to prevent tentacles from becoming rubbery during further cooking.
5.     Add vinegar to the water and simmer the octopus (about one hour) until it becomes tender.
6.    Remove the cooked octopus from the water, remove the remaining part of its skin, if any, with a kitchen towel, cut the octopus into bite-sized pieces.
7.    Chop the herbs of your choice and drizzle them over the octopus.
While simmering, ensure that the octopus is completely covered with water throughout its cooking.

Skewered Baby Octopus Recipe
Skewered Baby Octopus Recipe

1.    Crush the garlic finely; chop oregano leaves, squeeze out the juice of 1 lemon and grate its zest.
2.    Mix olive oil, lemon zest and juice, pepper, garlic, oregano and a bit of salt to make the marinade.
3.    Put the octopuses into container; drizzle the marinade over them and stir to coat their surface with the liquid.
4.    Close the container and leave it to marinate overnight.
5.    Skewer the marinated octopuses.
6.    Grill the skewers over charcoal, turning them from time to time, until the octopuses become tender.