Open-Faced Sandwich Recipes


Open-Faced Sandwich is a type of an appetizer which always includes a bread base. For such base you can use either a slice of bread, toast, or crisp bread at your own discretion.

Slices of bread for Open Sandwich - pc.1Slices of bread for Open Sandwich - pc .2Slices of bread for Open Sandwich - pc .3
Slices of bread for Open Sandwich - pc .4Slices of bread for Open Sandwich - pc .5

Slices of bread for Open Sandwich

Toasts for Open Sandwich - pc. 1Toasts for Open Sandwich - pc. 2Crispbreads for Open Sandwich - pc. 1Crispbreads for Open Sandwich - pc. 2
Toasts for Open Sandwich
Crispbreads for Open Sandwich 

You can apply some spread, such as butter, jam, pâté, processed cheese, mustard, etc. on top of the bread base.  

Bread and butter for Open Sandwich - pc. 1Bread and butter for Open Sandwich - pc. 2Bread and butter for Open Sandwich - pc. 3Bread and fruit preserves for Open Sandwich
Bread and butter for Open Sandwich
Bread and fruit preserves for Open Sandwich

Covering the bread base with cold cuts of any food (sausage, boiled meat, ham, cheese, etc.), you prepare an Open-Faced Sandwich which can then be topped with chopped vegetables and potherbs.

Ingredients for an Open-Faced Sandwich
Ingredients for an Open-Faced Sandwich. 
This photo shows everything you need to make an Open-Faced Sandwich: slices of bread, butter, cheese, cold cut meat, lettuce, green onion, tomatoes, and sweet pepper.


Alterative names for an Open-Faced Sandwich:
- Open Sandwich
- Open-Face Sandwich
- Bread Baser

Here are some names for the Open-Faced Sandwich in different countries:
- Czech: Jednohubky
- Danish: smørrebrød
- Finland: voileipä
- Norwegian: smørbrød
- Russian: buterbrod
- Swedish: smörgås 

We would appreciate it if you could contribute to our list of synonyms and names for an Open-Faced Sandwich in other countries. You can provide this information by completing a simple registration process and clicking the add recipe button to post your message. 

The main advantage of Open-Faced Sandwiches is the simplicity of their making and the speed with which you can make them. You can always quickly prepare some Open-Faced Sandwiches if you have some bread and other ingredients in your fridge.

Of course, the Open-Faced Sandwich is not a dish for a restaurant. However, this wonderful invention can be used in a great variety of situations.

It would be great to serve an Open-Faced Sandwich with a cup of hot tea or coffee for breakfast.
The idea for breakfast

Some types of Open-Faced Sandwiches can be served hot at breakfast if you warm them up in an oven, microwave, or convection oven.

If you are expecting some company and you are extremely short on time to cook some treats, making a variety of Open-Faced Sandwiches will be the easiest way to save some time. Bread and food slicers, as well as a vegetable chopper, will be of great help to you.

For example, while cooking the main dish at a picnic, something grilled or some shish kebab, you can satisfy hunger during the wait with Open-Faced Sandwiches.

If you or your child will have a long trip without stopping to eat;
if you go fishing, where you will have no time for cooking;
if at work you do not want to spend your lunch break at a café…
- in all these cases, Open-Faced Sandwiches will lend you a hand.

Open-Faced Sandwiches are very easy to prepare for transport. It is possible to cover it with another slice of bread. At this point it becomes closed, so it turns into just an ordinary sandwich. Wrap a collection of such sandwiches into plastic wrap or foil and put them into a food container.

Sandwiches for transportation - pc. 2Sandwiches for transportation - pc. 1Sandwiches for transportation - pc. 2

Sandwiches for transportation


Our tips:
If you are in a hurry, you can buy ready-sliced bread for sandwiches.
However, if you have enough time and you want your Open-Faced Sandwiches to be more delicious, slice your favorite bread immediately prior to making a sandwich.
Even bread sliced a slicer or special knifes (Sandwich Knives, Offset Sandwich Knives, Offset Bread Knives) can be used. If you do not have such appliances at home, you can easily make even bread slices with an ordinary knife if you heat its blade over the light of a gas burner. The hot knife slices bread perfectly, even if its blade is not very sharp.

Combinations of various kinds of bread base, spreads, cold cuts, vegetables and potherbs allows you to create an enormous variety of recipes for Open-Faced Sandwiches, satisfying any taste.

 In this section, we provide you with a small portion of this variety. 

The ideas for Open Sandwiches