Grilled Chicken Breast Recipe

Grilled Chicken Breast Recipe

For this recipe you will need:
2 ¼ lbs (1 kg) chicken breast
1 cup kefir
6 onions
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
paper-thin pita bread
The author of the recipe version is MilaSofia
Prepare the marinade by finely chopping 4 peeled onions in a blender.
Slice two peeled onions into rings, mix the onions with the kefir and add the pepper.

Cut the chicken breast into large pieces, cover with the marinade and leave for up to 5 hours. Instead of chicken breast, chicken thighs can be used.
One hour before frying, add salt to the marinade and stir.

Skewer the chicken and cook over the embers until done.

Take the cooked meat off the skewer and place in a bowl lined with paper-thin pita bread.

Place marinated onion rings on the meat and cover with paper-thin pita bread to keep it warm. 

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