Tabbouleh Recipe

Tabbouleh  Recipe

For this recipe you will need:
5 tablespoons burghul
4 tomatoes
5 green onions
2 large bunches of parsley
1 bunch of mint
2 lemons
100 g green olives
100 g black olives
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
½ cup boiling water, salt to your taste

Arab cuisine

1. Put burghul and boiling water into a small bowl, mix them thoroughly, cover the bowl with a towel and leave it for an hour.
2. When the burghul is ready, squeeze excess water from it.
3. Chop the tomatoes, parsley and mint.
4. Slice green onions and 1 lemon.
5. Squeeze the juice out of the second lemon into a small bowl and mix it with extra virgin olive oil and salt to make the dressing.
6. Mix the cooked burghul, chopped tomatoes, parsley, mint and onions in a large bowl, add the dressing, and toss.
7. Decorate the salad on the plates with slices of lemon, black and green olives.

Tabbouleh is best when served freshly cooked.
You can use 1 mild red onion instead of green onions. 

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