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Ratatouille Recipe
Ratatouille Recipe

1. Cut vegetables into circles.
2. Carefully put the vegetable slices in a bowl, alternating vegetables in a circle.
3. Prepare the sauce.
Fry the peeled, chopped onion in vegetable oil until lightly brown.
Grate a tomato.
Mix the grated tomato with onion, then add garlic, salt, pepper, and greens.
4. Cover the bowl of vegetables with the sauce.
Place the bowl into the oven and stew for 40 minutes at 180 °C (350°F)

Tomato slices baked in cheese batter
Tomato slices baked in cheese batter

1. Cut tomatoes into slices
2. Grate cheese on a fine grater
3. Prepare the batter:
Add eggs, mayonnaise/sour cream, flour, salt, and pepper to the cheese.
Mix carefully. The batter should be liquid, but thick.
4. Dip tomato slices in the batter and put onto a heated frying pan with vegetable oil.
5. Fry over average heat on both sides until lightly brown.
6. Before serving, dry slices on a paper towel.

The simplest sauerkraut recipe
The simplest sauerkraut recipe

1.    Shred the cabbage.
2.    Grate the carrots.
3.    Mix the cabbage and the carrots; sprinkle salt.
4.    Thoroughly knead the mixture until the cabbage releases its juice.
5.    Firmly tamp cabbage mix into three-liter glass jars, cover, and put in a warm place.
6.    Puncture the layers of cabbage to the bottom daily, in several places, to release gases.
7.    After 2 - 3 days, the cabbage is ready.
8.    Keep the finished cabbage in the refrigerator.
9.    Serve with sunflower oil and onion rings.

Sauerkraut Recipe
Sauerkraut Recipe

Prepare the brine by dissolving a little more than 2 tablespoons salt in 1 liter of water.
Pare and grate the carrots.
Shred the cabbage.
Mix the cabbage and the carrots.
Firmly tamp vegetable mix in the pan or glass jar
Cover the mix with the brine.
Leave the jar at room temperature for three days.
Pierce the top layer of the cabbage with a fork periodically to release the gasses generated during fermentation.
Store the prepared sauerkraut in the same jar in the refrigerator.